And scene!

Our standard cheer season is complete! Our gym has 5 teams attending the Summit in Orlando in 19 days, our other teams aren’t eligible. Hello Disney World! Our last competition was in Las Vegas, all of our teams placed first with the exception of our mini team– they placed 3rd. It was an exceptional season and I’m proud of all of our athletes and coaches. All of their hard work made for a successful season, kudos! 

I’m excited to go on this trip with Biscuit, it’s a fun time for her and I to bond and have fun all while making memories. I enjoy the time we get to spend together because I know these times will soon be a thing of the past as she gets older and would rather be with friends than her weird mom. Biscuit has been fundraising for this trip and I’m proud of her for working hard, I’ve noticed it’s not something a lot of kids do anymore. Parents are burdened with huge expenses and kids often feel entitled; I expect my children to work for things in all areas of life.

Just as soon as this season’s ends another begins, it all happens quickly. It’s a blur. A lot of our coaches and athletes will be graduating high school and heading off to college, it’s bittersweet. 


My life is a Sitcom

Is this really my life?! Am I on Punk’d?! My life is hilarious. Seriously, our household is FULL of laughter and strangeness, I often think to myself “Is this even real?!” My kids say insane things out loud and I don’t think other families are like ours. I’m going to make up movie titles and a plot teaser to give you a sneak peek into my life that sometimes I feel isn’t real. These are all things discussed at the dinner table,  FYI.

The Dry Tampon: A story of self exploration and pain of removing a dry tampon before reaching puberty.

The Dirty Rap Song: A blossoming relationship based on singing a song with the word ‘p*ssy’ in a crowded hallway at school.

Pregnancy 101: You won’t get pregnant if you take it in the butt, but you can still contract gonorrhea and other life lessons from tweens.

Playground Battles: A story based on true events where a playground moniter has had enough of the kids crap and flips them the bird.

I Hurt my Vagina: A warming tale of a girl injured by her bike seat while trying to mimic her brothers ‘sick moves.’

Riding the Wall: An epic thriller where a toddler on a Strider knows no boundaries, is careless, and wants to die. She proves to her family that the gene pool is, in fact, shallow.

I Need a Bandaid IIV: A true story based on real life events. A blue eyed girl is on a mission, to gain grace. Bikes, mountains, and sidewalks always win in this award winning Sundance film. 

What is that Smell?: A horror film based on the smell if a young girls feet. PG13

My Penis Hurts and Other Boy Related Genitalia Stories: How often do your penis and balls get hurt? Not nearly as much as this young boys; an intriguing story starting with BB guns and ending with fence posts.

This is my life. This is real. This is hilarious. 

48 hours and Oreos.

In the last 48 hours every child in my home has cried. Pretty cried because she and her boyfriend broke up, Biscuit cried because she hurt someone’s feelings, Blue cried because she’s on a religious venture trying to figure out where she belongs, Boychild cried because he wasn’t allowed to play video games, Bunny cries about everything, and Lemon cried because she was left behind on the cheer floor by all her teammates. 

So. Many. Tears.

Imagine 3 teenage girls emotionally distraught, in my room/on my bed, while Husband and I are trying to watch 13 Reasons. We REALLY wanted to watch this…we were on the Clay episode, people! Husband was lost, he had no idea how to help with the emotional disturbance. You could smell the fear on him, he looked like a cat backed into the corner by a pack of hungry coyotes. We paused the show, begrudgingly, and dealt with our teen crisis.  

So. Many. Feelings. 

I love my girls, no doubt, but holy shit, estrogen overload or something. I hate to see them cry, hurt, or be uncomfortable. I want to protect them from everything and everyone…sometimes even from themselves. I want to protect them and steal their pain, even if it is petty. So, like any good parent I dealt with the crisis accordingly; cookies. Birthday Cake Oreos and standard Oreos. You’d be surprised how many problems can be solved with a couples of packs of cookies. Apparently the Birthday Cake Oreos are better than standard Oreos and that can be an ice breaker for teens who are falling apart emotionally. 

Lessons were learned, tears were shed, and forgiveness happened. All in a day’s work of a Mother of 6…sometimes 7. 

When life becomes a whirlwind

I love my life, I love my family, I just love everything. I spend my time around positive, and encouraging, people and I’m genuinely happy. Often times I feel overwhelmed but not in a ‘OMG, I hate my life WTF was I thinking?!’ way, just a standard keep you on your toes and strive for greatness type of way. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve wanted to quit life a time of two when things got hard, shoot, I’ve even taken mental health days where I do absolutely nothing except lie in bed dreading the next days responsibilities. I think that’s just life; nothing is perfect. 

My life has changed quite a bit having 3 teenage daughters, I’ll tell you what. There are some things I’ve learned, there are some things that I’ve saw, there’s been things that I’ve heard and smelled that are completely ridiculous. They are all very close, too close sometimes. I love them all very much, too much sometimes…I sorta like them.

Pretty is 17, she works, she’s finishing up in school, she has big dreams and a positive attitude. She has shown love and respect for our family and filled a gap that we never knew we had. Pretty turns 18 in September and she will age out of foster care, this is a new thing for us. There are transitional programs, housing programs, and a sea of other opportunities for her to start her life as an adult offered by the state and they all seem relatively easy. Pretty has a Independent Living Specialist come see her weekly to teach her things that are critical to know when you’re an adult, home loans, college tuition, budgeting, etc. In addition; the woman who comes is kind and relatable, she’s funny and helpful and we all love to see her. Pretty is going to be a part of our family forever, we’ve all talked about it and we have agreed that Pretty will be changing her name and becoming one of us. It’s pretty exciting. 

Biscuit is 13, a freshie! A brand new teenager. The worst part about this kid is that she is EXACTLY like me at that age, she’s wildly inappropriate, funny, and she is ridiculously confident. No one loves Biscuit more than Biscuit! She’s a bright girl and she’s concerned about her future, mostly college. Biscuit is pretty excited for her trip to Florida next month and she loves to cheer. This summer she wants to attend summer school to get a head start in high school and I think she’ll be going to camp this summer too. Not a cheer camp, a scholastic camp or something different. We need to broaden her horizon a bit. Chores are a battle, it sucks. She’s got a scrappy attitude and she behaves entitled. 

Blue will be 13 in a few months, she’s a complete joy. Shes sweet, caring, smart, funny, and oh my goodness this girl is gorgeous. Blue helps keep everyone in check, she’s logical and points out consequences if things get crazy. This girl is SMART and I know she’s going to do great things, she has this destiny about her…she just oozes charm and her smile could brighten any room. Blue is into all things culinairy and I’m trying to get her into a summer camp or class to help expand on that talent. I wish I knew how Blue’s case will pan out, it’s currently reunification. This month they’re revisiting the subject and there has been lots of talk of severance. I hope and pray her parents do all the things that are asked of them, I want her to go home and live the life she so desperately wants. She’s a true gem, she adds so much to our household, I want her happy more than anything. I want to protect her from many things, she needs to understand what’s happening within her case and it’s not always positive. It breaks my heart to tell her my thoughts and ideas on her case, I want to take away all of her pain. 

Boychild, oooh boy! He’s just his typical self. He’s always been whiny, it’s terrible, and he constantly feels victimized. It’s ridiculous. But, that’s my boy. He recently received his report card and he had 2 A’s! Boychild had never been an A student, he’s my B/C student. I’m perfectly fine with that, he does his best and im proud of him. I’m over the moon excited that he has A’s, he’s really working independently on bettering himself. THAT is amazing. Now, if we could work on his work ethic and doing things the right way the first time…he’d be a dream come true! He is really into working on his dirt bike, riding his bike, and magazines. He loves to get mail. He’s a sweet boy with a big heart and a goofy personality. Boychild will be going to a sleep away camp this year,  he’s pretty excited. He is into engineering and STEM stuff. 

Bunny, 7 is a weird age. This kid is emotional. Bunny is the girl who cried wolf, I’m not kidding. She recently scratched her leg at a cheer competition and she was behaving like the world was ending. The full on howl-cry. I used to be embarrassed about it but now I shrug it off and carry on. Some people cater to her and treat her like a baby, however, it’s not long before people are onto her and her fussy ways and follow suit, shrug it off and carry on. She’s a bright girl, all year long she’s got nothing but A’s on her report card. I’ve promised that I’d buy her a new American Girl doll at the end of the year if she keeps it up. Bunny loves cheer and gymnastics but she’s recently signed up for a summer play. Bunny will also be going to summer camp, a sleep away camp. This will be her first year! 

Lemon is challenging. I’ve got to keep her really busy to keep her in check behaviorally. She attends preschool, cheer, tumbling, kindergarten tutoring, an educational development class, and races striders too. When she isn’t challenged she’s naughty, she was even hitting her BFF just to get a reaction out of her…she told me she knew it was wrong but did it any way to see what would happen. Shes been out in time out in preschool too. Lemon has a strong personality and she’s pretty much a jerk. Lemon has been working on addition, sight words, and kindergarten readiness. I have enrolled her in kindergarten and I hope this charter school let’s her in. She has to undergo testing and a sort of kindergarten boot camp to asses her readiness. In addition; I’m going to see if I can’t get her into this summer kindergarten readiness class with a personal friend who is the teacher. 

Lemon had a haircut and now she looks like a big girl. 

Boychild and his best friend. 

Bunny and her bestie. 

Sisters doing sister things. 

Blue and Biscuit. 

Biscuit and Pretty. 

We let it go, take the lead Elsa!

We had been hanging on to Bells and Shy’s personal items for several months. We had bikes, scooters, skateboards, and heaps of clothing that belonged to them. The kids had packed things quite early on and put the boxes in the garage; I thought I had packed all of their boxes in their transport vehicle the day they had left. I had also anticipated a better relationship with their family but something changed…I’m not sure what. It’s common for family members to believe whatever random things the kids tell them, I guess I just assumed it wouldn’t happen to me. Well, it did. I was shafted by the adoptive family and children. 

Yeah, it hurts but it comes with territory. 

I did donate all of their items recently. Their things had taken up quite a bit off room in the garage, I had kept it hoping the family would request their personal belongings and I’d be able to see the kids. The kids left in October, it’s February…If they needed or wanted their items they would have come for them or  asked a caseworker to facilitate a retrieval. I was bummed out because most of Bells nice jeans and Uggs were packed in those boxes and Shy’s Legos were also in there, those were important to the kids. 

I was told that their family could contact me but I shouldn’t reach out to contact them. I have all of their contact information and I’ve been updated on their current case standings…but reaching out is forbidden has it has been since November of last year. 

Just as one chapter finally closes, a new chapter opens. I’m excited about life and my community. I’m learning lessons everyday and feeling good, sometimes rotten things happen but it doesn’t define the future. 💋

Sonics news!

The bid reveal was really exciting for our gym!

Our Level 5R team, Odyssey, had already recieved a bid at a prior competition but the team was honored to be awarded again! And our Level 1 team, Secret, was absolutely ecstatic. AND Biscuit’s Level 4 team, Matrix, was awarded a bid too! The kids are all extremely happy and proud of themselves; as they should be! This means 4 of our gyms 7 teams have bids to the Summit in Orlando! Well, 2 of the teams aren’t eligible…Tinys and Minis don’t compete at The Summit. We need just one more of our teams to snag a bid at the next few competitions. I have faith in the kids on all of our teams. C’mon Junior 2!!

Odyssey, Obsession, Matrix, Secret! 

Summit bound, I am extremely proud of these kids!

It still blows my mind, our gym is in a small town primarily know for partying or geriatric folks. Our gym has under 100 athletes on our all star cheer teams. We win at huge events, like Duel in the Desert, and recieved bids! I am truly thankful for our coaching staff at the gym, they’ve taught my daughters self confidence and amazing skills. 

Now we prepare for The Summit!

Wait. Maybe you’re still trying to figure out what the heck just happened, what is the Summit? What is a bid? How does it all work? I’ve snagged a few excerpts from Heart of Cheer to help my readers clear up any confusion. 

What is The Summit, what is a bid?

The Summit is an annual event, and it is held by Varsity All Star. It was first introduced in 2013, and is also held in late April at Walt Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida. This competition includes Youth, Junior, and Senior teams of all levels 1 through 5.
…competitions require teams to earn bids. A bid is an invitation to compete, and must be earned through competing at an event that offers them. A team cannot compete at either competition without earning a bid.

What type of bids are there? 

A Paid bid to The Summit… Expenses are paid for the team to compete, and it is not necessary for teams who earn these bids to compete in the preliminary round. Only the highest scoring teams at the largest and most prestigious events are awarded paid bids to The Summit, and getting one of these is a high honor.

At large bids, again, offer the opportunity for teams to compete at The Summit, but without any expenses paid. At The Summit, however, teams who earn at large bids do not have to compete in the preliminary round.

Wild card bids… are awarded at select one day competitions to the highest scoring teams. Teams that earn wild card bids must compete in a preliminary round to earn a spot in semifinals. Only the top teams in each division will earn the chance to move on.

I bet you’re curious to know what the teams win at The Summit, it’s a ring. But what’s worth even more than the ring itself is the experience! 

Congratulations to all of The Summit bid winners, we will see you in Florida this May. ❤

Duel in the Desert 

The majority of the family, minus Blue because she wanted to see her family members over the weekend and Boychild because he loathes cheer competitions, went to Palm Springs over the weekend for a cheer competition. We all had a lot of fun. Prepare yourself for a l know of these photos! 

Jessa on Tiny Love, killing it with her jumps. 

Team Love. 

Bunny and her bestie. 

Biscuit getting zen.

Bunny and her bestie again.

Lex being a Smoed Fangirl. 

Lemon is a showstopper, naturally. 😂

My gorgeous Biscuit just before her J4 team started their routine.

Mini Dream and Tiny Love placed 2nd and were D2 champions. 

J4 Matrix placed first!

Lemon, Bunny, and Ren are silly!

J4 celebrating their victory. 

Biscuit and her friend, so cute!

Getting Bids to the Summit has changed this season, they no longer distribute them at the competition on awards day. They now have a team of people who review stuff and they post the day after the competition on the Varsity website. Although, last night at Duel the did award 3 Gold bids.

We had a great weekend with friends and family. 

I ended up missing my cousins wedding on Friday due to some travel restrictions and I am SO bummed out. We had planned on going to Phoenix to catch the wedding on Friday night then head straight to Palm Springs…but when placement happens and you’re struggling to get everything in order…you miss some things. I will continue to make sacrifices for children as long as I’m on this earth; I know where I’m needed and I’m certain my family understands the constant push and pull of foster care. 

And then there were 8.

At the beginning of this week we recieved a new placement, I’m going to call her Pretty. She is gorgeous and sweet, she is 17, and she will age out of foster care with us. A new adventure! A new road in foster care; we’ve never had a child age out in our home. In fact, Pretty is the oldest child we’ve had placed in our home. 

Pretty is into all girly things and can contour a face with precision. It’s really impressive, I could never do those things. Pretty was dealt a crappy hand if cards in life; she’s a great kid despite all of the obstacles she’s faced. Pretty is getting along well with the older girls in our home and the rest of the family. She seems to be good fit, a special shout out to my homie J.S. at the Bullhead City DES for always calling me with potential kids for our home that will work within our family dynamic. 

Lemon’s 4th birthday came and went last month, now I’ve got Boychild, Biscuit, and husbands birthdays this month. Boychild was disappointed that he couldn’t go to Glamis a couple of weeks ago and was at a cheer competition in Phoenix  instead. Husband is a rockstar dad that he is will be taking Boychild to Glamis in 2 weeks to celebrate his birthday; Boychild is very excited! This weekend we are headed to Palm Springs for a cheer competition, Trenton he will be hanging out with our dog and his best friend this weekend because he is not enthusiastic about the competitions at all. Give him a few years and he will be begging to tag along. 

Biscuit has had a serious attitude problem during the last 2 weeks. I don’t like it. Shes currently grounded for 2 weeks, she shows little remorse. 

Bunny is Bunny. She’s an overachiever and cries a lot, boy this kid is stubborn. 

Blue, shes still a little withdrawn. She’s funny, she cracks jokes and wrestles with Biscuit regularly. She’s a good girl and I love having here here, we’re still unsure where her case of going but shes just fine with us for now.

Husband has been working a lot and I appreciate him more than he could imagine. In short; things are amazing and we are all happy and healthy. 

How did I get so BUSY!

The days come and go, the hustle and bustle never stops. And now, Christmas is just a couple of days away…I’m pretty excited! Let’s hit the important things with bullets

  • I’m still holding off on opening our 2 beds for new foster children.
  • My actions for disrupting are validated; the boy has progressivly gotten worse and is being moved again into a higher level of care. What’s higher than a therapeutic home? I’m not quite sure, perhaps an actual psychiatric facility for children? Whatever it is…it breaks my heart.
  • We are providing respite for other foster families during the holidays. We currently have 3 darling little girls, they’re amazingly sweet and fun. 
  • My kids had a crazy, happy, Christmas morning and I’m really looking forward to seeing their faces light up.
  • Murphy, our puppy, is 4 months old and HUGE.
  • The girls had their first cheer competition in Phoenix a few weeks ago. All 3 girls teams placed first, go Sonics!
  • Husband has been working quite a bit, he has been out of town more often than I’d like. I love him, I’m proud of him, and I know he’s working hard for his family. 
  • We are officially on winter break! That means we are free from all activities, clubs, and school for an entire week. Yes, break is 2 weeks but activities and such start back up in January. You’re missing the point, a whole week of sleeping in and no Mom Shuttle! 

    Lemon recieved this epic bed for Christmas! 

    Biscuit is ready for action! She swooped in on her brothers tactical gear.

    Boychild and Murphy. ❤


    Do you see these pants? These pants just blew my foster daughter away. Yes, these pants that most if us have, just brought tears to her eyes. She smilied and said she’s never had anything from Victoria’s Secret before and did a happy-jumpy-squee.